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Arnie Morton's


Consistently one of the best steak houses across the country. I have personally eaten at many locations, with the same excellent food and service. The wine lists are definitely improving to join the Wine Spectator list.

There is both a great business and a personal ambiance. I can guarantee there will be more food than you can eat. (Be prepared to take some home.) I recommend everything. I have never been disappointed at any of the locations I have visited. I love the fresh lobster, the shrimp, and of course, the outstanding steaks and veal. And the side dishes. And the desserts. Bring your appetite and make this not just a dinner, but an evening of great feast of food and wine. P.S. Great bars, don't mind waiting, but definitely make a reservation.

Roy's Restaurant

There are two located in the San Francisco Bay Area; San Francisco and in Carmel, at the Spanish Bay Inn. Also one in Newport Beach, in Southern California.

Roy Yamaguchi opened his first "Euro-Asian" restaurant in Hollywood, California, had some financial difficulties in making it work, moved to Hawaii, where he made some changes, and incorporated more fish, more Hawaiian food, if you will, into his menu and before you know it, he had three restaurants here. The first one I ate at was in Maui, and the most recent, was in Waikoloa. While he likes the coinage: Euro-Asian, I also tasted some Mexican, meaning SouthWest. The desserts are excellent, too. I would venture to say this is Sue's favorite restaurant.

Roy started out in the islands in "shopping centers; " certainly the Spanish Bay Inn in Carmel is far from that . The food and presentation are outstanding. The service has always been very friendly, best ever, and the wine list may be limited, meaning not large enough to impress the Wine Spectator, but it is outstanding. Great choices; even has my favorite, Viader. Extremely knowledgeable choices. I must admit Sue and I like the "house wines" best.

These are private labels, not from Gallo but from smaller wineries from all over. One of my favorites is: Roy's, Oregon Pinot Noir 1998 (by Rex Hill, Willamette Valley, Oregon) He is opening up more restaurants, some of them franchises, and there may one closer to you. For a location, please click here.



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