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Letters to the Editor


To each of you at your company,


I don't always agree with you on every subject but I do enjoy your e-mail. 

They are almost always informative such as one I read earlier tonight about computers.


Keep up the good work!!  You are appreciated.


Thank you,

Richard Brown

Great going , Kit, you're tops!!!!!!!!


Chuck Brady

Thanks very very much, i will look forward to it. i always appreciate

your wine notes -- helps to find the good deals on nice wines. love wine,

but don’t drink enough to stay on top of the nicer good deal wines and

when i find them myself i never get back in time to pickup more for



A friend is a wine broker in sf, and sometimes i get the case of half

bottles left over from his days worth of tasting rounds at restaurants.

some amazing things come through! always a big treat.


thanks again,






did I ever tell what fine taste you have????  Well, you do.

Steve Head just want to say thank you for the wonderful write-up in you website.We sure appreciate the support you have given us over the last year and a half.  I'll take a better look at you website to see what it is exactly that you do.  Maybe someday we can have a link put in between us.  Just to let you know, our 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon just released.  $32.00 per bottle.  It is fantastic


Andy G

great reviews on the 1.7mhz speed.  I keep promoting AMD.


Guy Ferrante

This is the BEST info tech newsletter yet. Thank you!



Current, accurate and excellent commentary.


Enjoyed reading the posting of “what’s new.”...





This is Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes.

"I am the American Flag.”


Barbara, a patriot

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.  They mean quite a bit, especially coming from you.


Robert  Kieve

Thanks for the fine words about what we have to be thankful for.. I’ve come to look forward to your holiday messages and appreciate them. I hope you and yours have a safe and happy holiday.


Best regards,

Dale Ganzow

Silicon Valley Business Ink

I wanted to thank you for the moving words that you wrote about your Dad and being a Father.  I qualify for having had my Dad pass away, having a second

family, having a son-in-law, and having a grandchild.  So, your word hit the mark with me.  I wanted to say thanks.

I think I asked you to change my email address from to  I still have the msn account but rarely check it however

I have my @home account on all the time.


Thanks again, great insight.


Jim Powers

Thanks, Kit, for that  sharing.



I really appreciate all of your offerings.  I have a special file within which I save all of them.  I also very much appreciate how you show your pride in the meaningful contributions of your dad.

Mike Folloni

Very nice heart felt tribute. May all of us have a Kit Menkin in our lives

that will say nice things about us when we leave this world.


Charlie Lester

Wonderful!  Really took me by surprise and had me laughing out loud for too



Just wanted to let you know that I received the snow white e-mail entitled "hahaha" The REAL story etc. Did not open of course as it had the attachment with it. Thanks for the heads up.


Loved Jeff Wong's acknowledgement of the honor you bestowed on him. Incidentally,  you should know,  if I haven't already told you,  that many of the jokes you send out are duly repeated, by John McLeod,  at meetings of the Rotary Club of San Jose.  


Thank you for even taking the time to answer my mailings.

I roamed your site a little and was  impressed.

Thanks again,


thank you for listing DoveBid and me on your Home Page.  We certainly

appreciate the exposure.  Visiting your web address is always interesting

and a pleasant way to "escape" the demands of business for a few minutes.

We look forward to the opportunity to working on a project with you.


Thank you, again.


Jon Arnold

Office Furnishings Vertical Manager

DoveBid, Inc.

Business Auctions Worldwide

(650) 571-7400 (Ext. 675)

(800) 343-3683 (Ext. 675)

Thanks for the great tip.  Did not know it was this easy.


Michael J. Novogradac, CPA

Novogradac & Company LLP

246 First Street, 5th Floor

San Francisco, CA  94105

415-356-8000 / 415-356-8001 (fax)

  ( hit your print screen key on your keyboard, go to work, and

    hit “paste” and what appeared on your screen will appear )

Just got your web page copy in the mail -- wow!!  Thanks for sending it to me, and for recommending our training classes on your home page!  We are absolutely thrilled!  I couldn't wait to get online and see it "live"!  You've got a really fun web site!

we sure love working with you and all your staff, everyone's so nice and so bright!  Thanks again for the great recommendation!  Looking forward to seeing you in our classes soon!

All my best,


Excellent Miles Davis biography!


Dan Sorkin





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