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Anton & Michel Restaurant

at the corner of the Fountains Mission between Ocean and 7th,
across the street from Saks Fifth Avenue Carmel-By-The-Sea

Open Daily:
Lunch 11:30-3:00
Dinner 5:30-9:30
Cocktail lounge
send e-mail to Anton & Michel

When the weather is good, we sit outside in the small patio. They allow you to take your dog here, and we have had lunch with "Sam", our 12 year old black Labrador ( Samantha )by our table. In the summer, dinner is nice outside, too. Parking is easy at the main lot a block away or underneath Saks Fifth Avenue ( we also can park here as this is one of the best kept secrets in Carmel ). Excellent wine list, ambience, food, service, moderately priced for the great quality, you will not be disappointed.

The fish is fresh and delicious. I have had the lamb pot pie, chicken dishes, Monterey Sand dabs, pasta is outstanding, and always the soup of the day. Service has always been excellent. The maitre de even brought a bowl of water out for "Sam."

There are many excellent restaurants in Carmel, but we note the locals like to eat here.

To learn more, click on their web site; more importantly, visit for lunch or dinner and discover why I highly recommend this restaurant to you for business or romance or even take the entire family. There is something for everyone here. You can be casual, if you like, but most of the gentlemen wear jackets.

*** * ***

Casanova Restaurant

5th Street between Mission and San Carlos

Carmel, CA 93921

This restaurant has many levels. It was originally purchased from the housekeeper for Charlie Chaplin, who bought this house many years ago for her. It has expanded to two levels, and several banquet rooms. One of the rooms holds the actual table Vincent Van Gogh ate on daily at his favorite restaurant in France. The owner was a fan and traded him food for art.

A block and a half from the main street. Park under the Saks Fifth Avenue section or look around. Great for lunch. Dinner, you better have a reservation!!! Also for weddings, events, groups-this is the place. Wonderful wine list. Great food-French-Provence-Italian-Spanish-Greek/fish/meat/pasta and an award winning wine list at reasonable prices. Service is outstanding. Great attitude by everyone from the wine captain down to the bus boys. Great atmosphere for both lunch and dinner. Casual, too.

Casanova's wine cellar was hand dug 14 feet under the restaurant in 1987. Walter Georis, one of the owners, has carefully developed the list to include a large variety of local and international wines. The cellar is now home to about 30 thousand bottles of wine, valued at over a 1.5 million plus is the annual recipient of the Wine Spectator Grand Award.

Visits to the wine cellar can be arranged through the Maitre D'.

Walter Georis is also a wine maker. He produces the Georis family Merlot from his winery in Carmel Valley.

Lincoln Court Restaurant
Lincoln & 5th Ave.
Carmel, Ca.
Tel: 831-624-6220

This is a charming restaurant, half a block off the main thoroughfare.
Food is exquisite, presentation excellent, services superb.

The local people eat here. We were fortunate to have a Chaine des Rotisseur Sunday Brunch here. Robert E. Bussinger and his wife Wendy J. Brodie are members of the Chaine.

Click here to see menu:


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