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Jazz - an invaluable resource for jazz information. They cover live performances, printed material, CD reviews, education, film, and other jazz sites.

*** * *** - They have a jazz chat room, CD reviews, artist features, and more.

*** * *** - All venue listings from around the country.

*** * ***

Magnolia Jazz

FAX:  408-746-0570
PO Box 2739
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Preview the great atmosphere for a party, wedding reception, banquet, picnic, dinner, dance, or concert, by clicking on their web site.

Dixieland and Swing. Great music from piano player to trio to six and seven piece great dancing/entertainment band. They play jazz concerts; professional musicians. I have used them for many parties---don’t let you down and great music and entertainment.


In January 1975, a local nightclub owner heard Robbie Schlosser at an after-hours jam session, and hired him to lead a jazz band to entertain the customers. Robbie called five friends from the South Bay Traditional Jazz Society and organized the Magnolia Jazz Band. The job lasted six weeks, every Friday and Saturday. Through the mid '70s, they continued playing, often expanding to nine musicians, and performed at dances, parties, and concerts. In the late '70s and early '80s, they specialized in the New Orleans revival style, popularized by the Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, and Preservation Hall Jazz Bands. The sextet made seven recordings, toured through the Midwest and the east coast, and performed at many jazz festivals throughout the country.

Now, in the late '90s, the band is going stronger than ever. Since the late '70s, the trio (clarinet, guitar, and bass) has been working nearly every day. Their clients get swinging entertainment for corporate events, private parties, and wedding receptions at the best local hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. The band knows how to be flexible - often adding a trumpet, trombone, piano, saxophone, drums, banjo, or tuba, to provide the right size combo for every occasion. Selecting music from a wider repertoire, they play the popular jazz styles from the '20s, '30s, and '40s. Listeners and dancers enjoy echoes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Louie Jordan, Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller, and more

*** * ***

San Jose Jazz

I am one of the founding members and help support the annual jazz festival. You may join and receive a magazine of jazz events in the greater San Jose area. Please visit to learn who is coming to town and when.

jazz.gif (5563 bytes)

*** * ***

If you have Real Audio or a similar program, you can sample music from CD's, hear tunes, and if you have the latest up-dates for Real Audio, the quality is excellent, almost as if you were playing the CD from your computer.

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