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Cats n Dogs


Clicker Training
This approach teaches your dog commands based on using a clicking sound or a clicker.

*** * ***

"Dogs" at Encyberpedia"
If you want more about "Dogs," here is the place to go as it appears to have every "hot link" on the subject that you would ever want to know.

*** * ***

For Paws

Pet accessories and gifts

90 Main St. (On Ark Road)
Tiburon, CA. 94920
Daily 10:00am - 6:00pm
Tel: (415)359-9100
Fax: (415) 435-8482
American Rxpress, Cash, Gift Certificates, Mastercard, Visa, We Ship

Perhaps our favorite pet accessory store. They have unique items, and a personal touch to everything they sell. Whenever we have a lunch at Guaymas, we always make it a habit to visit this store.


Go Places With Your Dog!
...Travel, sightsee, shop and work with your pooch!

*** * ***

Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley
Great site with a lot of local information and also many helpful answers to questions about animals.

*** * ***

How to Love Your Dog
If you love dogs, you've come to the right place! Whether you're preparing for a new dog or just want to have more fun with the dog you have, you'll find everything you need right here.

*** * ***

Saratoga School for Dogs
I have trained six dogs in the last twenty years at Saratoga School for Dogs, 14451 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga 408-867-9223. We have boarded dogs here, too; but prefer now to get a house sitter as we have three and spoil them more than before.

This is from "The Intelligence of Dogs", Stanley Coren, Free Press. 100 dog obedience judges rated breeds of dogs for overall working and obedience intelligence. Translation: what a dog can learn to do to make his or her owner happy. Stanley Coren concludes, "Pick a dog on the basis of your lifestyle. A border collie is an absolutely terrible dog for a working person. If you have a (smart) dog…you have to spend time with him."

This list then are 133 pedigreed dogs ranked according to their ability to learn owner-pleasing behavior.

01. Border collie45. Australian terrier89. Staffordshire bull terrier
02. Poodle46. American Staffordshire terrier 90. Alaskan malamute
03. German shepherd47. Gordon setter91. Whippet
04. Golden retriever48. Bearded collie92. Chinese shar-pei
05. Doberman pinscher49. Cairn terrier93. Wirehaired fox terrier
06. Shetland sheep dog 50. Kerry blue terrier94. Rhodesian Ridgeback
07. Labrador retriever51. Irish setter95. lbizan hound
08. Papillon52. Norwegian elkhound96. Welsh terrier
09. Rottweiler53. Affenpinscher97. Irish terrier
10. Australian cattle dog54. Silky terrier98. Boston terrier
11. Pembroke Welsh corgi55. Miniature pinscher99. Akita
12. Miniature schnauzer56. English setter100. Skye terrier
13. English springer spaniel57. Pharaoh hound101. Norfolk terrier
14. Belgian Tervuren58. Clumber spaniel102. Sealyham terrier
15. Schipperke59. Norwich terrier103. Pug
16. Belgian sheep dog60. Dalmatian104. French bulldog
17. Collie61. Soft-coated wheaten terrier105. Brussels griffon
18. Keeshond62. Bedlington terrier106. Maltese terrier
19. German short-haired pointer63. Smooth-haired fox terrier107. Italian greyhound
20. Flat-coated retriever64. Curly-coated retriever108. Chinese crested
21. English cocker spaniel65. Irish wolfhound109. Dandie Dinmont terrier
22. Standard schnauzer66. Kuvasz110. Vendeen
23. Brittany spaniel67. Australian shepherd111. Tibetan terrier
24. Cocker spaniel68. Saluki112. Japanese Chin
25. Weimaraner69. Finnish spitz113. Lakeland terrier
26. Belgian Malinois70. Pointer114. Old English sheep dog
27. Bernese mountain dog71. Cavalier King Charles spaniel115. Great Pyrenees
28. Pomeranian72. German wirehaired pointer116. Scottish terrier
29. Irish water spaniel73. Black and tan coonhound117. Saint Bernard
30. Vizsla74. American water spaniel118. Bull terrier
31. Cardigan Welsh corgi75. Siberian husky119. Chihuahua
32. Chesapeake Bay retriever76. Bichon frise120. Lhasa apso
33. Puli77. English toy spaniel121. Bull Mastiff
34. Yorkshire terrier78. Tibetan spaniel122. Shih Tzu
35. Giant schnauzer79. English foxhound123. Basset hound
36. Portuguese water dog80. Otter hound124. Mastiff
37. Airedale81. American foxhound125. Beagle
38. Bouvier des Flandres82. Greyhound126. Pekingese
39. Border terrier83. Wirehaired pointing griffon127. Bloodhound
40. Welsh springer spaniel84. West Highland white terrier128. Borzoi
41. Manchester terrier85. Scottish deerhound129. Chow Chow
42. Samoyed86. Boxer130. Bulldog
43. Field spaniel87. Great Dane131. Basenji
44. Newfoundland88. Dachshund132. Afghan hound


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