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April---Jim Hanzlik, Azzie’s Storage, Watsonville

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A small-town barber was doing well until a big company moved in across the street. They blitzed the place with signs reading, "EVERYTHING FOR $7!..... $7 Haircuts! ...... $7 Perms! ..... $7 Manicures! .... Everything for $7!" Well, the barber lost all his customers and in despair he hired an expert.
"I'm finished!" he declared..."I can't compete with them!"
The consultant looked out the window and said, "Not just yet -- I have an idea!"
He picked up the phone and called the town's only billboard company and told them to put a big sign on the top of the barber's shop.
"And what do you want us to put on the sign?, they asked.

He replied, "In big bold letters put the words WE FIX $7 HAIRCUTS!"

From Jim Hanzlik:

I've really noticed over the last year that the number of jokes I get and send out have really fallen off. I guess one problem with the Internet is that all the jokes get passed around quickly. I think the first few years we spent passing around all the jokes that ever existed, and now all that's left are truly original jokes. Unfortunately those aren't as plentiful.

As for my personal info here it is. I graduated from Monte Vista Christian High in 1995 and USC in 1990. During my college years I spent a year in Nagoya, Japan at Nanzan University where I studied Japanese and lived with a Japanese host family. After graduating from USC I worked at a research group that conducted audience surveys of movies before they were released to the general public. In 1994 I moved back to Watsonville, CA to work in the family business, Azzie's Storage.

We rent and sell shipping containers for portable storage. Last year, after 34 years of bachelorhood, I got married to Olivia Alonso. I also gained two wonderful step kids, Rachel (15) and Eric (10). I guess you could say that the difference between bachelorhood and the married life with kids, especially a teenage daughter, is not insignificant. You could actually say it's a bit of a shock to the system, but it has been a wonderful, exhilarating year. Oh yeah, did I mention that Rachel is now learning to drive? That seems to really add to the exhilaration. Luckily, my new family is great and we're having a great time building our new family. Part of that construction process is the addition of a new member to our new family so now my wife is pregnant and is due on April 10th. Wow, soon we can add screaming baby and diaper changing to the list of new things in my life over the last 16 months. If I was smarter I'd probably be a little scared of the coming addition, but my ignorance of taking care of a baby is keeping me excited. I think my wife is secretly laughing behind my back.

That's about it for my story, and I've attached a family picture.



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